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Our 101 on Home-schooling

Some days are just better than others!  I home-school three of my four children presently.  They are in grades 5th, 7th, and 9th. My oldest son is almost twenty-three and is working while heading back to finish his college degree in Business. We are using SOS, which stands for Switched On Schoolhouse curriculum as well as we are enrolled in a local charter school.  This charter school allows us to choose our own curriculum as well as have a teacher come once a week per student to work with them filling in the gaps and testing to see where they are in their academic levels. We were blessed to have two amazing, kind, helpful, and Christian (ES) Educational Specialists picked out for us. It is also really beneficial to be enrolled in Logos (charter school) for the financial aid, although our curriculum isn’t paid for because it is Sectarian we are given money towards P.E. such as my daughter takes horse lessons, my youngest son takes karate and my middle son does weight training at Snap Fitness all paid for with our allotment money.  Activities are paid directly to teacher or facility.  Each grade receives a certain amount to be used on such things as books, music lessons, or physical activities.  Our days are filled with four to five hours of schoolwork per student as well as household chores, pet duties and social activities.  We share a youth group of about 18 kids that meet in our home once a month as well as my friend having it in her home. This is all just the basic information.  After almost five years of making this a part of our family experience we each have memories to share.  The biggest one is shared consistently in the daily life of being together more than the average family shares in hours together we can count on either laughing until were crying or crying until were laughing!!  I hope you enjoy the stories of the moments we hold near our hearts in our home-schooling moments.

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